Sunlight-Grid Donation

Sunlight-grid is a free Grid, To help us in the financing of the servers a small temporary or even monthly donation is really appreciated. The use of the money received and the use of it will be clearly displayed on financial reports!

Sunlight-Grid Hardware Grid and price

Server name: Caline

Grid code name: Bone

Dedicated Server 10-Core (20 threads) (1 month) 109.99 EUR

256 Gb ram DDR4

+ 4000 GB hard disk x 2 (1 month) 23.98 EUR

+ 1 additional IP address x 8 (1 month) 16.00 EUR

Hard-RAID 1 (1 month) 12.00 EUR

Operating system: OpenSuse

Primary disk: X2 4000 GB hard disk

+ 1 disk SSD Cache 500 GB (1 month) 19.00 EUR

Server name: Other Servers

2x Mysql Servers

Intel Core 2 Quad (4 x 2.40 GHz)


(1 month) 39.99 EUR X2

2x Assets Servers

Intel Core i7 (6 x 3.20 GHz)


4000 GB hard disk x 2 per servers

(1 month) 83.97 EUR x2


We use proxy and load balancing for run Sunlight-grid


Login X2

Assets X5

Inventory X3

Services ( groups, offline message, mutelist ) X3

Grid X2

Maptile X1

Xbakes X1

Presence X4